Mirror War Online Gemscool

The first new game from the beginning of 2014 Gemscool Mirror War is finally entering a period of OBT on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 13.00 pm . Mirror war not include new items that are removed from their home country South Korea . L & K Logic Korea the developer , has released this game since 2010 and get excellent enthusiasm of gamers there . A pride for Gemscool can be trusted to be a business partner to manage the game in Indonesia .

Many gamers ask why the time interval from CBT to OBT so long ? It will be missed during this OBT , the long duration of the Gemscool War Mirror team perform a variety of updated features which will surely Indonesian gamers prefer . Intrigued it with new features ? Let's check out below!

Mirror War Online Gemscool

1 . Tournament System
Tournament system in Mirror War is almost the same as PvP , lies the difference is , the participants will compete in a knockout , where participants will be pitted one by one until a winner is found .
2 . New Item Upgrade System
    Enhance :
    In Enhance Enhance can now increase the amount of stone to increase the chances of success .
    Enhance Grade :
    Grade at the time the item is found , item shown in alphabetic grade ( E , D , C , B , A , S , SS ) .
    Enchant Item :
    Process to provide additional bonus status on certain equipment . Item enchanting can be done at the NPC Enchanter in selected cities .
3 . New Faction ( Black Sorcery )
a. Warrior
Warrior is always needed in the fight . Warrior gives pause when casting for the Magician . They have a great Damage used to Counter Attack .
Warrior weapons used :
    One - Handed Axe
    Two - Handed Axe
    Halberd ( 2nd job)
b . Conjurer
Conjurer is the first step to become a Sorcerer . They are equipped with the skills of Destruction , Summoning Scroll , and Illusion . Unlike Warrior , Conjurer not use heavy armor
Weapons used by Conjurer :
c . Robber
Robber is a unique job . They have a basic combat power and skill to exploit opponent weaknesses . Robber highly proficient in collecting goods and money . They use Light Armor to keep their speed .
Weapons used by Robber :
d . Witch
Witch is always associated with a large smoky cauldron . Charm and Doll is their main weapon . And do not forget the broomstick witch that can help jump with a long duration . Witch did not use their armor just wearing thin .
Weapons used by witch :
Additionally when OBT will be lots scattered prizes at events that have been prepared by Tim Mirror War you know! Want to know the events and the prize of any kind ? Check this link !
By following these events you bersempatan to get prizes such as :
And many other exciting prizes !
Well would not you curious cobain new features in the mirror and follow the event OBTnya war ? So hurry download the game.
When installation is complete, log into the game using the Mirror War Gemscool ID that you have to go to link : http://mirrorwar.gemscool.com/
. If you have Keith Junior Member ID , registration really easy way ! Click immediately wrote http://www.gemscool.com/member/register.php .

Do not miss it ! invite your friends to play together on January 9, 2014 13:00 pm Hours Earn lots of prizes and feel different sensations in Mirror War !
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