Point Blank Gemscool Indonesia

How to Apply Gemscool Point Blank Indonesia ( Online Game ) that is predicted predicted number of first online game in the universe of Indonesia. For my friends who do not know and have not had the opportunity to create an account or ID Point Blank Online Games please join with us to create an online gaming account Pont Blank who is favored by many people in Indonesia.

Although the number of first Games in Indonesia is a little short , but to date no such effect on the interest of the Gamers mania . Deficiencies in Online Games number one in Indonesia this is the Bug and cit or often called a cheat Point Blank . Point Blank is playing on Korea that developed in Indonesia .

In the next post I will also post about how to play point blank so adept , though I was also just learning , but before the play certainly know first how to register Gemscool PB Indonesia's most convenient and speedy .

Point Blank Gemscool Indonesia

You can get the ID or Nick Name , Point Blank should prepare a few things you need to prepare first , as below :

    Name ID ( accoun Gemscool ) , this is the name of your choice to go to Pont Blank Online Games

    Password ( Password ) . This will be used for the first time you entered in Point Blank ( Junior Member )

    Email , before you register or create an account Point Blank ( Junior Member ) you should already have the e- mail account . Already Have an kalu not yet have an account please first create an e - mail once Here Yahoo or Google there

    Phone Number

If the above requirements of 4 is ready and there , just menujuke scene. Open this page in a new tab first Indonesian Point blank registration form or you just click this url http://www.gemscool.com/member/register.php

After that, the registration page will appear that you must enter as below : Before becoming Attention  for existing column mark  *  must be filled completely and can not be empty .

Fill in all the form provided and I agree please check marks then click create my account and follow pentunjuknya there , after which there was already getting the id to be Maian Point blank pb with your friends . As for getting Nick Name Point Blank , you need to be signed in Point Blank software or application that has been installed on your PC , then please select Server and Room you want. If you 've made ​​it into the room , then there will be a Nick Name your confirmation column .

For then you play hard in Game Online Point Blan Indonesia , to how to play Point Blank is good and can Become Gamers Point Blank Tough Reliable and you can learn to play this game after a long time as the proverb says could be as familiar .

I hope this post useful for you all the starters for the PB fans . More details visit his web page just in http://pb.gemscool.com

Dragon Nest Gemscool

Gemscool Dragon Nest is the latest gemscool games where the games began to release at the end of June 2012 , so until now crowded at gamscool forum discussing the latest games from this gemscool . DN Indonesia is one of masterpiece from Korean online game using the engine Eyedentity called Eternity . Where marketing in Indonesia by PT Kreon distributed Indonesia Indonesia as the manager of the largest gaming portal , Gamescol . Gemscool Dragon Nest has a very nice graphical display with equipped with effects that support the reality Gemscool Dragon Nest . Even  Dragon Nest is referred to as a game with Fantasty action MMORPG ( Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game ) The most exciting and with the use of latest graphics technology that allows for the Gramer satisfied that plays games .

The character played by Gemscool Dragon Nest is also very varied and we can freely choose a character and get a character to your liking . With the birth of Dragon Nest to be part of the coolest gaming forum in Indonesia - Gemscool Dragon Nest . Where a variety of interesting characters are taken from the Dragon Nest storyline , in which is also equipped with various types of weapons and equipment that is appropriate . And for a weapon we can also choose the level appropriate to the character of the weapon we use . As in other online games gamscool rank level necessary to be able to use the weapon damage as much as possible to improve the ability to defeat the monsters in the instance dungeons and defeat the other players . Pokonya really exciting dah Gemscool Dragon 's Nest .
Dragon Nest

For those of you who do not register or log Gemscool Dragon Nest you can follow the following steps :

    Visit our website or click this Gemscool http://www.gemscool.com/member/register.php
    First of all you are required to create id / account . Id / account that will be used in the registration of cross - game ( just 1 Id , can be used to play many games of Gemscool )
    Fill in the required form
    ID has been successfully created , and before you log in you need to verify the email first and then please login gemscool
    Select the games online dragon nest or can go directly to the link http://dn.gemscool.com/

Some of the main characters in dragon nest gemscool is as follows

    Dragon nest Cleric character , one character in the game dragon nest which has the ability of a powerful fighter with very good shield to protect its defense . He was able to cure his friends of his ability .
    Character Warrior dragon nest , dragon nest last archetype of this is that a warrior melee fighter , fast and agile . His attack was so terrible and admirable larinyLinka speed . Warrior is the most powerful character in Dragon Nest power attacked Indonesia.
    Dragon nest Archer character , is one of the leaders who have the ability to attack a very strong long-range weapons Shortbow , Longbow and Crossbow . The movements are agile and fast , its weakness is in defense or defense is pretty weak .
    Dragon nest Sorceress character , is one of the characters with witchcraft . His ability is magic about magic to knock opponents such as burn , freeze , poison and menyantet monsters who become enemies .

Well for those of you who do not let ngakunya the Gramer Gemscool miss to play dragon nest , because it is guaranteed you will be interested and you will be amazed by the graphics presented by the latest gemscool ini.oke may be useful

Mirror War Online Gemscool

The first new game from the beginning of 2014 Gemscool Mirror War is finally entering a period of OBT on Thursday, January 9, 2014 at 13.00 pm . Mirror war not include new items that are removed from their home country South Korea . L & K Logic Korea the developer , has released this game since 2010 and get excellent enthusiasm of gamers there . A pride for Gemscool can be trusted to be a business partner to manage the game in Indonesia .

Many gamers ask why the time interval from CBT to OBT so long ? It will be missed during this OBT , the long duration of the Gemscool War Mirror team perform a variety of updated features which will surely Indonesian gamers prefer . Intrigued it with new features ? Let's check out below!

Mirror War Online Gemscool

1 . Tournament System
Tournament system in Mirror War is almost the same as PvP , lies the difference is , the participants will compete in a knockout , where participants will be pitted one by one until a winner is found .
2 . New Item Upgrade System
    Enhance :
    In Enhance Enhance can now increase the amount of stone to increase the chances of success .
    Enhance Grade :
    Grade at the time the item is found , item shown in alphabetic grade ( E , D , C , B , A , S , SS ) .
    Enchant Item :
    Process to provide additional bonus status on certain equipment . Item enchanting can be done at the NPC Enchanter in selected cities .
3 . New Faction ( Black Sorcery )
a. Warrior
Warrior is always needed in the fight . Warrior gives pause when casting for the Magician . They have a great Damage used to Counter Attack .
Warrior weapons used :
    One - Handed Axe
    Two - Handed Axe
    Halberd ( 2nd job)
b . Conjurer
Conjurer is the first step to become a Sorcerer . They are equipped with the skills of Destruction , Summoning Scroll , and Illusion . Unlike Warrior , Conjurer not use heavy armor
Weapons used by Conjurer :
c . Robber
Robber is a unique job . They have a basic combat power and skill to exploit opponent weaknesses . Robber highly proficient in collecting goods and money . They use Light Armor to keep their speed .
Weapons used by Robber :
d . Witch
Witch is always associated with a large smoky cauldron . Charm and Doll is their main weapon . And do not forget the broomstick witch that can help jump with a long duration . Witch did not use their armor just wearing thin .
Weapons used by witch :
Additionally when OBT will be lots scattered prizes at events that have been prepared by Tim Mirror War you know! Want to know the events and the prize of any kind ? Check this link !
By following these events you bersempatan to get prizes such as :
And many other exciting prizes !
Well would not you curious cobain new features in the mirror and follow the event OBTnya war ? So hurry download the game.
When installation is complete, log into the game using the Mirror War Gemscool ID that you have to go to link : http://mirrorwar.gemscool.com/
. If you have Keith Junior Member ID , registration really easy way ! Click immediately wrote http://www.gemscool.com/member/register.php .

Do not miss it ! invite your friends to play together on January 9, 2014 13:00 pm Hours Earn lots of prizes and feel different sensations in Mirror War !
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